We know having your car in the shop is not ideal. This is why we help you receive a rental car quickly and of course, for a great price. Since we have been servicing the Lawrenceville, Grayson, and Snellville areas since 1986, we have developed close relationships with all of the local rental car companies to ensure a seamless process from start to finish. Also, our previous dealings with a variety of insurance companies assures that you can get in a rental car as soon as possible, no matter what insurance company you have! No other colllision body shop in Lawrenceville, GA offers the same quality rental car connections and services. Whether your car is in the shop for an accident repair, window replacement, auto dent repair, or any other auto body repair services, the rental car companies we deal with get you on the road faster and in a better quality rental car. You can trust Lawrenceville Body Shop with dealing with your rental car.
Enterprise Rent-A-Car 719 Duluth Hwy Lawrenceville, GA (770) 962-2225
Hertz Rental Car 455 West Pike St Lawrenceville, GA (770) 882-0025
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